Why Franchise Gator

Is Advertising on A Franchise Directory A Wise Choice?

According to the Franchise Media Update, franchise portals have continually ranked as one of the most successful producers of franchise sales:

2019 Top Franchise Sales Producers



Trade Shows5%


Public Relations1%


Don't Know3%

2019 Top Digital Franchise Sales Producers

Online Ad Portals35%


Social Networking11%

Search Engine Optimization10%

Email Marketing6%


Don't Know5%

Can you afford to not be working with franchise portals?

* source: 2020 Annual Franchise Development Report

No Franchise Portal Ranks Higher Than Franchise Gator

How do you put yourself in the best position for success when considering which franchise directory to work with? Putting your opportunity in front of a lot of eyeballs is half the battle. Putting it in front of the right eyeballs is where the battle is won.

Consider: Since its inception in 2002, Franchise Gator has largely been considered the leading destination for those seeking to invest in a franchise or business opportunity. Independent online tools that measure traffic have continually ranked Franchise Gator as one of the most visited franchise directories.

Consider: 5 of the last 7 Franchise Benchmark Reports have ranked Franchise Gator the #1 franchise portal. Powered by Naranga, the leading provider of franchise sales and marketing technology, the Franchise Benchmark Industry Reporting series aggregates data from hundreds of brands to provide reports highlighting key industry trends.

Still not convinced?

While franchisee prospects are clearly searching the online franchise directories, working inquiries from these sources has proven difficult at times. Franchise Gator understands that success goes beyond the creation of an ad. Once live, you will be invited to a short training session where several points will be shared that will help lead to a more successful campaign, including a link to a library of webinars where you will learn the practices of others who have been successful with portals leads.  Topics include:

  • Voicemail tips
  • Email tips
  • Measurable benchmarks
  • 1st call pointers

The webinars include a training session as well as broker and consultant customers of Franchise Gator’s, each who share their own experiences on their way to a successful portal campaign.

  • “…We attribute our success in great part to our partnership with Franchise Gator for bring us qualified leads that have translated into sales…”

    Marla Topliff, Rosati’s Pizza

  • “We have been using Franchise Gator as a lead source since we started franchising in January of 2006. Franchise Gator has consistently supplied THE TUTORING CENTER with great leads.”


  • “…We have seen great conversion rates from leads to candidates and more importantly new franchisees, having closed two locations as a result in 2014 alone… “

    Shermur Pucel, Outdoor Living Brands