Cost Per Lead

With a cost per lead program, you only pay for the leads you receive. Filter your program based on both your geographic restrictions and liquid capital requirements to ensure you only receive leads from targeted, qualified candidates.

Gator Links

Finally!  Franchise Gator now offers the opportunity to link back directly to your franchise development website.  Take even more advantage of the industry’s strongest source of prospective franchisee traffic.


According to the sites that measure traffic, Franchise Gator offers the greatest exposure amongst those that ranked highest on the Franchise Benchmark Report. Increase your chances of success by putting your opportunity in front of the most prospects.


Don’t just jump into your portal campaign. Let Franchise Gator share winning strategies with you. We’ve been helping companies create successful franchise portal campaigns for years. Start your training with a series of webinars all geared on how to be successful with franchise portals.


Don’t let the information you share about your opportunity stop at just one page. Complete our Q&A and offer more insight into your company’s story, as well as those that help build it into the strong brand that it has become.

Top 100

Each year Franchise Gator reviews hundreds of FDD’s to put together the Franchise Gator Top 100. Do you have what it takes?

Free PR

Good press deserves to be shared. Send us your press releases and we will make sure that it gets in front of the hundreds of thousands of eyes that visit Franchise Gator.

Canadian Traffic

According to Alexa, Franchise Gator’s traffic makes it one of the strongest, if not the strongest, franchise directory in the Canadian market.

Phone Leads

For the prospects that want information quickly. Post your phone number directly on the Franchise Gator profile page allowing those interested in your concept to reach out to you by phone rather than via an online submission.

Exclusive Newsletters

Promote your concept exclusively to the 1,000’s of Franchise Gator newsletter subscribers. Contact your sales rep for pricing.


Don’t worry about building your profile page. Franchise Gator has a team with years of experience that knows what kind of page resonates with the types of visitors that come to FranchiseGator.com. Best of all, all production work comes free of charge.